Growing up Japanese, our founders were introduced to Matcha through the traditional Japanese tea ceremony from an early age.

In fact, it was their first-hand experience of enjoying this simple local beverage that inspired them to share the wonders of Matcha beyond the shores of Japan.

At the same time, they also understood this could be a challenge if people still clung to the traditional mindset that Matcha is only appreciated during formal tea ceremonies or associate it only with its bitter aftertaste.

Thankfully, after much research, development and help from local tea experts and partners, Matcha88 was born.

A brand that seeks to not only spread the joy of enjoying Matcha worldwide but also to rejuvenate the image of Matcha as something that can be enjoyed outside of a traditional tea ceremony and in many other delectable forms.

At Matcha88, our philosophy is simple

We want to share the best of what Japanese Matcha has to offer with everyone around the world.

Instead of going for variety, we focus on a simple yet high-quality collection of Matcha blends that are suitable for anyone from beginners to experienced Matcha enthusiasts to enjoy in the comfort of their homes – wherever they may be.

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